ASA section awards: author recognition

Two Gender & Society articles have been selected for American Sociological Association Section Awards for Distinguished Article Awards.

Sex & Gender Section
Laurel Westbrook and Kristen Schilt. 2014.  “Doing Gender, Determining Gender: Transgender People, Gender Panics, and the Maintenance of the Sex/Gender/Sexuality System” Gender & Society 28 (1),  32-57. Find the full article here.

Race Class Gender Section
The committee selected two co-winners:

C. Shawn McGuffey. 2013.”Rape and Racial Appraisals: Culture, Intersectionality, and Black Women’s Accounts of Sexual Assault” Du Bois Review: Social Science Research on Race, 10(01), 109-130.

Jennifer Carlson. 2015. “Mourning Mayberry: Guns, Masculinity, and Socioeconomic Decline” Gender & Society 29(3), 386-409. Find the full article here.

Please join us in congratulating the authors on their awards and for recognition of their contributions.


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