Teaching Modules: In the classroom

Sociology of gender constantly changes, and the media we use to teach sociological concepts are in flux as well.  Most university classes now incorporate podcasts, YouTube videos, quiz websites, memes, as well as articles and books to teach sociology.   Such pedagogical tools show us that learning happens across a variety of digital forms.

The Gender & Society Pedagogy Project is taking a major leap into providing more holistic teaching modules. We now have a  Junior Scholar Advisory Board facilitated by the Managing Editors and their project is to bring creative ideas to instructors teaching about gender.    These teaching modules will be based around Gender & Society articles but incorporate a variety of active learning techniques and suggestions for other media that can be used to teach sociological concept. 

We are rolling out this exciting new project with modules on sexual assault, masculinities, contraception, and digital media. We will continue to add modules each semester, so before you finish your syllabus each semester, check in to see our new teaching materials.   Each teaching module has been peer reviewed by the author of the central article and a Gender & Society editorial board member. 

We are thrilled to offer these modules for the fall of 2020:

Challenging Intersectional Inequality through Digital Media Images by Lara Janson

Men and Masculinities by Yuchen Yang, Melissa Kinsella and Jihmmy Sanchez

Sexual Violence by Mary Ann Vega

Health & Medicine Module on Contraception by Jane Pryma


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