In The Classroom

Gender & Society in the Classroom: Gender scholarship for multiple purposes

booksMany of us enter the academy reading Gender & Society. As the official journal of Sociologists for Women in Society, it is one of the most highly regarded journals in sociology and gender studies. As a top ranked journal on the cutting edge of gender research, we want to make the journal accessible on multiple levels, including pedagogy and the classroom.

Gender & Society produces scholarship that is theoretical and empirical. G&S covers a broad range of methodological approaches and responds to multiple events and social forces shaping the everyday lives of gendered beings.  As a representation of groundbreaking research and applied sociology, Gender & Society is a wonderful addition to pedagogical material, for it provides instructors and students complex examples of sociology in the everyday.

speakerGender & Society publishes research and criticism that considers intersections with gender, race, class, sexuality, age, nationality, ability and location. With the help of scholars in these subfields, we have organized articles by research cluster. We have created tools for navigating our clusters, such as teaching abstracts, which explain how and in what ways the article selected would be beneficial for instruction.  Our hope is that these materials will be useful in preparing syllabi and lecture notes, in developing reading lists, and in orienting research in particular subfields.

By Gender & Society in the Classroom coordinator, Marni Brown, Georgia Gwinnett College

Activism & Social Movements 

Organized by Jennifer L. Bronson, Howard University

Aging and the Life Course

Organized by Beth Montemurro, Pennsylvania State University

Bodies & Embodiment

Organized by Amanda Levitt, Wayne State University

Care Work

Organized by Adrienne L. Riegle, Iowa State University

Children & Youth

Organized by Hara Bastas, LaGuardia Community College, City University of New York


Organized by Rilee Buttars, Brigham Young University 

Crime, Law & Social Control

Organized by Claudia Vega and Ian Vazquez, Florida International University


Organized by Lucia Lykke, University of Maryland-College Park

Division of Household Labor 

Organized by Fang Fang, Virginia Tech


Organized by Lakshmi Jayaram, Virginia Tech

Feminist Identities 

Organized by Danielle M. Giffort, University of Illinois at Chicago

Feminist Methodologies & Knowledge Production 

Organized by Christy Haines Flatt, Gordon College and Deeb Kitchen, Florida Gulf Coast University

Global and Transnational Feminisms

Organized by Ashlyn Jaeger, University of California, Davis

Gay Masculinities 

Organized by Travis D. Speice, University of Cincinnati

Gender in the Academy

Organized by Deeb Kitchen, Florida Gulf Coast University

Health & Medicine

Organized by Margaret Waltz, Case Western Reserve University

Immigration & Citizenship

Organized by Cassaundra Rodriguez, University of Massachusetts


Organized by Kyla Walters, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Intimate Partner Violence 

Organized by Amanda M. Jungels, Georgia State University


Organized by Jennifer Dawn Carlson, University of California at Berkeley

Media Representations

Organized by Victoria Velding, Wayne State University


Organized by Jennifer Haskin, Wayne State University


Organized by Mandi N. Barringer, University of Tampa

Reproductive Practice

Organized by Katrina Kimport, University of California, San Francisco

Reproductive Technology

Organized by Colleen C. Ammerman, William T. Grant Foundation

Sexual Harassment

Organized by LuLu Geza, George Mason University

Sexual Practice

Organized by Gloria Gadsden, New Mexico Highlands University


Organized by Joanna Neville, University of Florida

Welfare Reform & Poverty

Organized by Katie Kerstetter, George Mason University

Work & Family

Organized by Landon Schnabel, Indiana University, Bloomington

Work & Organizations

Organized by Vicki Dryfhout, PhD from University of Cincinnati

Coordinators: RJ Barrios, University of Massachusetts; Marni Brown, Georgia Gwinnett College; Mahala Dyer Stewart, University of Massachusetts

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