In the Classroom Abstracts by Subject

Gender & Society in the Classroom

Resources for Teaching Gender

Updated October 2022

Gender & Society has a wonderful opportunity as a leader in feminist scholarship to offer syllabus and lesson plan assistance to those who want their students to deeply engage with gender scholarship. The incredible articles we receive use sociological and interdisciplinary approaches to gender analysis and work wonderfully alongside other content to create a fully engaged classroom.

1. Activism & Social Movements

Organizer: Jennifer L. Bronson,Howard University

2. Aging & the Life Course

Organizer: Beth Montemurro, Pennsylvania State University

3. Bodies & Embodiment

Organizer: Amanda Levitt, Wayne State University

4. Care Work

Organizer: Adrienne L. Riegle, Iowa State University

5. Children & Youth

Organizer: Hara Bastas, LaGuardia Community College, City University of New York

6. Consumption

Organizer: Rilee Buttars, Brigham Young University

7. Crime, Law Social Control

Organizer: Claudia Vega and Ian Vazquez, Florida International University

8. Culture

Organizer: Lucia Lykke, University of Maryland, College Park

9. Division of Labor

Organizer: Fang Fang, Virginia Tech

10. Education

Organizer: Lakshmi Jayaram, Virginia Tech

11. Feminist Identities

Organizer: Danielle M. Giffort, University of Illinois at Chicago

12. Feminist Methodologies & Knowledge Production

Organizer: Christy Haines Flatt, Gordon College & Deeb Kitchen, Florida Gulf Coast University

13. Global & Transnational Feminisms

Organizer: Ashlyn Jaeger, University of California, Davis

14.  Gay Masculinities

Organizer: Travis D. Speice, University of Cincinnati

15. Gender in the Academy

Organizer: Deeb Kitchen, Florida Gulf Coast University

16. Health & Medicine

Organizer: Margaret Waltz, Case Western Reserve University

17. Immigration, Migration, & Citizenship

Organizer: Cassaundra Rodriguez, University of Massachusetts Amherst

18. Intersectionality

Organizer: Kyla Walters, University of Massachusetts Amherst

19. Intimate Partner Violence

Organizer: Amanda M. Jungels,Georgia State University

20. LGBTQIA Sexualities

Organizer: Jenny Lendrum, Wayne State University

21. LGBTQIA Studies

Organizer: Kate Henley Averett, University of Texas at Austin

22. Masculinities

Organizer: Jennifer Dawn Carlson, University of California at Berkeley

23. Media Representations

Organizer: Victoria Velding, Wayne State University

24. Parenting

Organizer: Jennifer Haskin, Arizona State University

25. Religion

Organizer: Mandi N. Barringer, University of Tampa

26. Reproductive Practice

Organizer: Katrina Kimport, University of California, San Francisco

27. Reproductive Technology

Organizer: Colleen C. Ammerman, William T. Grant Foundation

28. Sexual Harassment

Organizer: LuLu Geza, George Mason University

29. Sexual Practice

Organizer: Gloria Gadsden, New Mexico Highlands University

30. Sport

Organizer: Joanna Neville, University of Florida

31. Trans-Identities

Organizer: Jenny Lendrum, Wayne State University

32. Welfare Reform & Poverty

Organizer: Katie Kerstetter, George Mason University

33. Work & Family

Organizer: Landon Schnabel, Indiana University, Bloomington

34. Work & Organizations

Organizer: Vicki Dryfhout, PhD from University of Cincinnati


Seth A. Behrends, Managing Editor