Guidelines for writing a Gender & Society blog entry

We welcome blog entries from global and transnational perspectives

  • Entries should follow the below criteria and fit into one of these four forms:
    1. Summary of article published in G&S
    2. Summary of book
    3. Summary of other research (masters, dissertation, other)
    4. Response to news articles (upon our request)
  • Entries should be based on empirical research and focused on the study of gender
  • Entries should be between 400-650 words in length.
  • Entries should be written in non-academic language and for readers with a high school education.
  • Entries should include subheadings, that break up the post into easy to read sections.
  • Entries should include visuals when possible (e.g. graphs, charts, free-for-use pictures).  If you can not include graphs, charts or pictures you have created/taken, you can click here and note under “usage rights” the “free to use and share” category to find visuals that we can use. These visuals may be used in future blog posts by G&S.
  • Entries should include a short title for the piece, as well as the author’s full name and university affiliation (if relevant)
  • We usually accept no more than one post per contributor per year
  • For examples of great blog entries, view these pieces from our blog:

–  Can’t do it without my mobile phone

–  Migration and masculinity

–  Why gender can trump reciprocity


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