Can a primary caring responsibility for children be equally shared?

By Tina Miller

The question in the title is currently occupying me as I near completion of a new book manuscript. This question returns me to well-trodden and contested ground, but it is where I have found myself after more than 20 years of qualitative longitudinal research focused on how we organize caring in family lives. Taking apart and exploring the micro-processes of transitions, intentions and practices, identity work and caring have led me all the way back here.

Just like many researchers, it was my own biographical experiences of motherhood (it’s not like they said it would be in the books), which got me starMiller_blog photo_4.21.16ted on my first major qualitative research project, following a group of women through a year in their life as they too became mothers (here). ‘Is this what motherhood is all about?’ asked one new and tired looking mother as my tape recorder whirred in the background, capturing hers and later other women’s accounts as they tried to make sense of first-time motherhood (here). Continue reading “Can a primary caring responsibility for children be equally shared?”