Teaching Module: Crime, Law, and Social Control

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Are you planning your spring syllabus?

Take a look at the new teaching module, from the Gender and Society Pedagogy Project on Crime, Law, and Social Control. It is created by Erin Eife, a PhD Candidate at University of Illinois at Chicago and a member of the G&S Junior Scholar Advisory Board.

If you want your students to understand how crime, law, and punishment are gendered and racialized, this module would be an addition to your syllabus.

This teaching module is designed for a week-long unit and utilizes readings from three different scholars published in Gender & Society, Dr. Susila Gurusami, Dr. Jennifer Carslon, and Dr.  Shannon Malone Gonzalez.  Eife has prepared two 1.5 hour lesson plans that involve partner work, in-class discussions, readings, and media to help students think more critically about the carceral state.

You can find this module on criminology here.

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Erin Eife  is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Sociology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her research focuses on the impact of the legal system on the lived experiences of people who are criminalized. Her dissertation investigates pretrial release, surveillance, and the citizenship rights of people awaiting trial in Cook County, illustrating how people on pretrial release experiences surveillance before their cases are adjudicated.

Teaching Module: Contraception

Today we share a third module of the Gender and Society Pedagogy Project.  These modules are aids for teaching, bringing  creative ideas for instructors to use in the classroom.  This module is for teaching about gendered embodiment based on an article about contraceptive use.   

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The author is  Jane Pryma, Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Connecticut. Dr. Pryma was a member of the 2020 Gender and Society’s Junior Scholar Advisory Board.  The module based on a 2013 article by Krystale Littlejon incorporates  readings and media to assist teachers in the college classroom.

Every teaching module we publish has been peer-reviewed by one of the  authors of a highlighted article  and a Gender & Society editorial board member. This teaching module highlights  the  2013 article  ‘It’s Those Pills That Are Ruining Me’: Gender and the Social Meanings of Hormonal Contraceptive Side Effects in Gender & Society by Krystale E. Littlejohn. 

Dr. Pryma provides suggestions for additional readings and other media  expand student’s knowledge:

  • How gender identity shapes medical decision-making for hormonal contraception use
  • How beliefs about sex and gender inform our understanding of medical technologies
  • How race, ethnicity, and class, in addition to gender, affect decision-making related to contraception

You can find this module about contraception here.

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Dr. Jane Pryma is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Connecticut. Her research explores the intersection of medical expertise, politics, and gender with a focus on pain management and the opioid crisis. Her work appears in Social Science & Medicine and Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy.