Teaching Module: Challenging Intersectional Inequality through Digital Media Images

Recently Gender & Society announced the roll out of new modules for our Pedagogy Project. The creator of this module is Dr. Lara Janson.

This lesson plan highlights work by Dr. Kimberlé Crenshaw, Dr. Moya Bailey, and Izetta Autumn Mobley.

In this unit, students will gain a deeper understanding of two key concepts developed by the featured authors, Crenshaw’s (1991) concept of representational intersectionality and Bailey and Mobley’s (2019) Black feminist disability framework.

Image from Creative Commons

The Goals

The different sections of the teaching module consist of 3 parts:

Part I: Explain the Core Contributions of the Texts

Part II: Apply Concepts from the Texts to Digital Media to Build Visual Literacy

Part III: Create / Curate Mini-Art Exhibits to Challenge Representational Dimensions of Intersectional Inequality

You can find this module here.

Dr. Lara Janson is a sociologist specializing in gender, law, and qualitative methods, Lara is interested in researching and teaching about intersections of inequality. Her book manuscript, Neutralizing Title IX: Hyperlegal Consciousness on College Campuses in the Age of #MeToo, examines how college campuses adjudicate sexual assault complaints, with particular emphasis on the competing legal jurisdictions at play. Lara holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Chicago, where she is currently a postdoctoral fellow teaching in sociology and the social sciences division.


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